“It’s all about capturing presence,” says Richard Ecclestone of his distinctly charismatic portraiture work with some of the world’s best-known music artists.
Known for his ability to create an atmosphere of instant rapport that quickly sees him referred to simply as Eckie, Ecclestone’s trademark is as much about his people skills as his creative professionalism behind the lens.
His powerful and widely-admired body of work is born of a passion for the music industry that first saw him rise to prominence as a cover shot and artist photographer for a whole WH Smith shelf-full of ‘serious’ music magazines.
Working across the UK, Europe and the US, Eckie has branched out into Blue Chip corporate work where his fast pace and unerring composition ability has seen him much in demand for business portraiture conveying innate dynamic leadership rather than a forced and unnatural sheen. Working both in the studio and out on location, Eckie’s speed is appreciated by time-pressed executives and touring music artists alike. “It’s not uncommon to have to work in a short time-slot so I spend a lot of time thinking about the image I want beforehand as well as taking advantage of the mood and the moment whilst always ensuring I’m 100% on brief.”
Having seen his work featured most of the music press as well as most major national newspapers, Eckie is always looking forward to wherever future assignments will take him.
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